Crossed Swords

I was designing a shirt for my seven year old son when he asked me for a set of crossed swords on the back. I was happy enough to oblige! Get it Free
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Here I’ve shared some examples of my digital design work brought to life. For these projects I’ve cut a variety of materials and created home art pieces, clothing, party favors and so much more.


a design portfolio

Chances are good you know this by now, but my name is Echo.

I am a happy mom passionate about many different fields of design. After years working in web design I shifted gears around 2016 to real world creations. From home decor art pieces to product packaging, t-shirt design and more.

I focus on creating pieces that are accessible to business professionals as well as grandmas at home crafting for those adorable grand babies of theirs!

Hand lettering is one of my newest design interests. I work with a variety of devices and platforms, from an inexpensive iPad (as far as iPad pricing goes, at least!) that I borrow from my son, to my Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pen, to my great big HP machine and in a pinch my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

At this point, I dream in vector. Some people think it’s pretty weird- and they might not be wrong. I wake up in the night with the answers to my design questions and inspiration I have to jot down or sketch out.

For non-digital lettering I am in love with my Zebra brush pen collection. From the first test strokes upon receiving them as a birthday gift I knew they were my favorite tactile pens that I had come across so far. They are an absolute dream to work with.

From time to time I do still feel the undeniable pull to web design. In those moments I am happy to have several sites of my own that surely enjoy a refresh!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio and getting to know a bit about me and my work. Feel free to find me on social platforms and my other sites!